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Bionetix releases new micronutrient blend

Apr 11, 2021 10:07 AM

Bionetix International has developed a new micronutrient blend called Biogas Booster 3 that aims to boost biogas production process stability and efficiency by stimulating the microorganisms that do the...

Bionetix  International has developed a new micronutrient blend called Biogas Booster 3 that aims to boost biogas production, process stability, and efficiency by stimulating the microorganisms that do the work.
Biogas is produced when organic matter is broken down by microorganisms under anaerobic conditions. Microorganisms involved in the production of biogas not only require macronutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus to grow; they also need micronutrients. 
While a lack of micronutrients leads to a decrease in biogas plant efficiency, the addition of micronutrients can improve biogas production by stimulating the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. Biogas Booster 3 contains three important micronutrients in a stable soluble and bioavailable form that makes them easily accessible to microorganisms. Laboratory testing by York University in 2020 showed that the addition of Biogas Booster 3 increased biogas production in just one week and that biogas production was expected to continue to grow as time went on. 
In addition to boosting the production of methane, Biogas Booster 3 also increases process stability and improves the possibility for increased organic loading. There are many factors that can go wrong in the course of biogas production. For example, the presence of excessive ammonia inhibits normal hydrolysis of waste. 
Also, the addition of more waste feedstock to the anaerobic digester (although desirable in order to speed up biogas production) can be counterproductive by creating a higher concentration of biomass than the existing microorganisms can handle. 
Biogas Booster 3 helps stabilise the process by promoting the healthy growth of the microbial population and accelerating waste digestion to handle the load more efficiently.
Biogas Booster 3 can be used with a variety of feedstocks: Municipal waste, Agricultural waste, Food waste, And many others.
As society looks more closely into expanding forms of renewable energy, it is important to offer 
solutions that increase the viability of biogas production. Biogas Booster 3 does so as an important source of micronutrients that stimulate anaerobic digestion and ultimately boost the efficiency of biogas production. -- Tradearabia News Service


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