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Electronics ban on Kuwait Airways flights to US lifted

July 10, 2017

Kuwait Airways has announced that its passengers will be able to carry personal electronic items on board all US-bound flights departing from Kuwait International Airport. The US Transportation Securi... View more

Qatar Airways offers free laptops on US flights

April 2, 2017

Qatar Airways has announced a unique solution to the recently imposed electronics ban on US-bound flights by offering passengers a laptop loan service. The Doha-based airline has taken the notable ste... View more

Qatar Airways offers Kuwaiti travellers discounts on US flights

November 3, 2016

Qatar Airways is partnering with the US embassy in Kuwait to celebrate Discover America Week 2016. Through November 3 Qatar Airways will offer travellers from Kuwait 20 per cent off all-inclusive retu... View more

Etihad Airways plans US growth

November 27, 2012

UAE national carrier Etihad Airways is keen to expand its network in the US one of the highest performing regions across the airline s global network said its airline chief. Etihad will be launching i... View more

Qatar Airways seeks to expand US network

July 30, 2007

Qatar Airways chief executive officer Akbar Al Baker said the airline planned to continue its ambitious growth strategy by pressing for additional rights to fly to the US. He briefed American media on... View more

Qatar Airways seeks new routes to US

April 24, 2007

Qatar Airways has announced that it hopes to break even in four years time. We hope we will be profitable in 2011 and after three years we ll go for an IPO. If we re profitable before that we will lau... View more



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