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Pirelli wins ‘Tire manufacturer of the year’ prize

February 25, 2018

An international panel consisting of 30 industry experts and university lecturers has chosen Pirelli as Tire manufacturer of the year at the Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Exc... View more

Pirelli launches 6 types of tyres for Lamborghini Urus

January 17, 2018

Italy-based Pirelli a leading global tyre manufacturer will provide six types of tyres for Lamborghini s new Urus. The range of tyres goes from 21 to 23 inches and has been created to best highlight t... View more

Pirelli launches limited edition special tyre

July 30, 2017

Italy-based Pirelli a leading global tyre manufacturer has launched a limited edition tyre with a coloured sidewall displaying the colours of the Italian flag. These tyres will be used on Italian dipl... View more



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