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Pipeline Inspection

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Reducing deepwater pipeline inspection costs considerably

December 26, 2016

Inspecting a pipeline is a complex operation as it must be completed safely with minimal disruption to production. It is often fraught with complications due to the varying dimensions that the pipelin... View more

iPEK redefines pipeline inspection

October 21, 2014

IPEK one of the leading players in remote visual inspection technology has introduced Rovion crawler system and Agilios push camera system in rated equipment (Atex Zone 1) this year. A globally active... View more

Smart inspection protects pipeline, environment

May 9, 2011

TD Williamson UK (TDW) a global provider of pipeline services and equipment has successfully completed an inline inspection of a key gas pipeline for E.ON in Wales. The operation was carried out on th... View more

Dacon provides customised pipeline inspection solutions

March 28, 2011

DACON Inspection Services is an independent organisation offering inspection services and pipeline intelligent pigging to the highest standard. As part of the Dacon Group Norway Dacon has been involve... View more

SGS conducts pipeline welding inspection for Septa in Nigeria

December 27, 2010

SGS the world s leading inspection verification testing and certification company with extensive experience in inspecting the integrity of pipeline welds is conducting third party inspection services ... View more

GE is first pipeline inspection firm to get latest standard

December 28, 2009

Building on its tradition of leadership in safety and quality compliance within the global pipeline industry GE Oil and Gas PII Pipeline Solutions has announced that it has successfully attained third... View more

Leading the way in pipeline safety through inspection

December 25, 2008

GE OIL and Gas has expanded its PII Pipeline Solutions technical staff and engineering analysis services in Calgary on behalf of Canadian pipeline operators. GE increased its pipeline data analysis de... View more



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