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Nexans wins ‘Cabling Vendor of the Year’ award

April 23, 2018

France-based Nexans a leader in cables and cabling systems was named the Cabling Vendor of the Year 2018 at the recent 9th annual Network World Middle East Award 2018 held in Dubai UAE. This award rec... View more

Nexans cashes in on growth opportunities in Europe

January 22, 2014

NEXANS provides cable and cabling solutions for power automotive aerospace shipbuilding oil and gas and nuclear industries. The company s key products include power network cabling telecom network cab... View more

Nexans offers eco-friendly cable

May 17, 2010

Nexans the worldwide leader in the cable industry has developed its new Hypron range to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to lead-sheathed cables for onshore power control and instrument... View more



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