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GE Industrial

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GE joins Saudi digital industrial innovation drive

November 23, 2017

Saudi Arabia s National Digitization Unit (NDU) has signed an agreement with technology major GE to drive digital industrial diversification and the application of innovative business models supportin... View more

ABB to acquire GE Industrial Solutions for $2.6bn

September 25, 2017

ABB today announced the acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions GE s global electrification solutions business for 2.6 billion. GE Industrial Solutions has deep customer relationships in more than 100 ... View more

GE launches one-stop-shop for industrial services

August 3, 2017

GE has launched an innovative digital solution that provides a one-stop-shop for industrial services with a unique marketplace where buyers can float electronic requests for quotes to pre-qualified su... View more

GE expands Predix platform to advance industrial internet

December 26, 2016

This new release will focus on expanding the platform and scaling development of Digital Twins virtual representations of the billions of physical assets that comprise the world s industrial infrastru... View more



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