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Focus Middle East

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Middle East O&G industry urged to focus on HSE issues

November 20, 2014

THE regional oil and gas (O&G) industry needs to place health safety and environment (HSE) issues at the centre of planning during the post easy oil era a distinguished panel of international experts ... View more

Strong Middle East focus for Silversea in 2007

April 15, 2007

SILVERSEA has introduced several initiatives designed to offer its Middle Eastern guests the finest experience afloat during 2007 says a company official. This is part of a strong Middle Eastern focus... View more

Focus on challenges in Middle East

March 26, 2006

GEO 2006 the Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition is more important than ever as the world continues to look to the Middle East as a significant source of supply for its increasing energy... View more

Middle East to focus on changing perceptions

November 7, 2002

Tourism chiefs from the Middle East are gearing up for World Travel Market 2002 which many see as a crucial opportunity to change public perception about travel to the region. Representatives from acr... View more



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