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Emirates Transport inks 45 new contracts in 2017

February 27, 2018

The Government Transport Centre a subsidiary of Emirates Transport (ET) announced it has signed 45 new transport contracts with 17 local and federal government entities during 2017. ET is the tradenam... View more

Emirates Transport unit awards $14m contracts

November 21, 2017

Emirates Transport the government-owned public transport provider in the UAE said one of its key units Government Transport Centre has signed Dh48 million ( 13.6 million) contracts with a number of lo... View more

Emirates Transport to launch the first electric-powered school bus

November 17, 2017

Emirates Transport (ET) a leading transport logistics and auto services provider has launched the final phase of testing for the first electric-powered school bus in the region. The 45-seater bus was ... View more

Emirates Transport launches electric school bus

November 7, 2017

UAE s Emirates Transport (ET) has launched the final phase of testing for the first battery electric school bus in the region. The 45-seater bus has been manufactured in close cooperation with the Sha... View more

Emirates Transport carried 77m gallons of fuel in H1

August 2, 2017

Emirates Transport (ET) has revealed that it has delivered 77.3 million gallons of petroleum products during the first half of 2017 including 8 million gallons of plane fuel and 69 million gallons of ... View more

Emirates Transport inks $84m contracts in Q1

May 28, 2017

Emirates Transport the country s leading public transport provider said it has signed Dh307 million ( 84 million) contracts in the first quarter covering the key construction and the energy sectors. A... View more

Emirates Transport to supply e-vehicles to finance ministry

February 23, 2017

The UAE Ministry of Finance (MoF) has signed an agreement with Emirates Transport for supply of electric-powered vehicles. The move comes as part of MoF s commitment to support sustainable energy reso... View more



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