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Dusit Thani Dubai to get new look by September

April 23, 2012

THE Dusit Thani Dubai will begin the refurbishment of its guest rooms as part of a major project which will see the hotel adding defined luxury and convenience for their guests. The hotel will undergo... View more

Dusit Thani Dubai appoints Jittawisuthikul

March 27, 2012

Dusit Thani Dubai s Sales and Marketing department introduce a new member to the team to continue working with the hotel s ties with Dubai s Thai community. Nisakorn Jittawisuthikul has been appointed... View more

Dusit Thani Dubai appoints director of revenue management

September 1, 2011

DUSIT Thani Dubai has appointed Kishore Sathar as director of revenue management. Overseeing all the processes associated with demand revenue forecasting inventory management and opportunity analysis ... View more



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