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Statoil Hydro

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Statoil, Hydro $36bn oil merger approved

July 15, 2007

Shareholders in Norway s Statoil and Norsk Hydro have approved Statoil s planned 36 billion acquisition of Hydro s oil and gas business to create a Norwegian giant capable of competing globally. Extra... View more

Hydro rules out merger with Statoil

February 3, 2003

The head of Norway s Norsk Hydro said he was convinced that merging the group s oil and gas operations with Statoil would not benefit Norsk Hydro shareholders and it will not happen. The remarks from ... View more

Norway rules out Statoil plan to buy Norsk Hydro

August 19, 2002

Norway s Oil and Energy Minister has dismissed suggestions by state-controlled oil group Statoil that it might buy the energy unit of its main domestic rival Norsk Hydro. We have not received any sign... View more

No tie-up with Statoil stresses Hydro

May 6, 2002

Norwegian energy fertilisers and metals conglomerate Norsk Hydro has said it had no plans to merge with Norwegian state-controlled oil firm Statoil. I note that some people have voiced a merger as an ... View more



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