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Saudi Railway to float tenders soon for key projects

March 12, 2018

Saudi Railway Company (SAR) will soon float tenders for its Riyadh-Dammam and the Land Bridge railway projects it was revealed at the Middle East Rail 2018 event in Dubai UAE. Speaking at the 12th edi... View more

Saudi Arabia to float tenders for Red Sea-Gulf railway

September 18, 2017

Saudi Arabia plans to seek bidders for the construction of a 1 600-km-long railroad linking the Red Sea with the Arabian Gulf as early as the end of this year signaling the go ahead for a long-delayed... View more

Saudi Arabia to launch tenders for 2.8GW nuclear plants

September 16, 2017

Saudi Arabia is likely to begin the process to find a vendor to build the country s first nuclear reactors as early as next month said a report citing nuclear industry sources. The kingdom seeks to bu... View more

Saudi to begin tenders for 700MW green energy

February 2, 2017

Saudi Arabia plans to award its first tender to build 700 megawatts of solar and wind energy in September Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih said. Plans are afoot to build 300 megawatts of solar plants i... View more



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